Launch System

Launch Systems Overview

The Sea Launch Zenit-3SL system was developed to address the commercial satellite market need for reliable and affordable launch services. Our unique multinational system draws on the considerable engineering experience of the aerospace industry leaders from the Russian Federation, the Ukraine, the United States, as well as the extensive maritime expertise from Norway. 

The Sea Launch Zenit-3SL launch system is made up of three elements: the Rocket Segment, the Marine Segment, and the Home Port Segment.  Each of these three elements are required at different points in the launch campaign in order to launch our customer's spacecraft.
Sea Launch provides high-quality facilities and services in support of customer spacecraft operations. Sea Launch will coordinate and/or provide all of the necessary activities to be carried out with the spacecraft and its required ground support equipment, including receiving, transporting, testing, integrating, and launching operations. Spacecraft processing takes place in both land-based and marine-based facilities prior to launch operations.

The Rocket Segment is comprised of the Zenit-3SL launch vehicle, all of the ground support support equipment, and an automated ground control system.  

The Marine Segment is comprised of the Sea Launch Commander and the Launch Platform Odyssey.  The Sea Launch Commander is a vessel built specifically for Sea Launch to combine the newest maritime technology with the ability to test and assemble an integrated launch vehicle and subsequently remotely command the launch of the Zenit-3SL at the equatorial launch site.  The Launch Platform Odyssey utilizes the maritime capability of a self-propelled modified oil drilling platform to provide a stable platform that is capable of holding position during launch operations.  The two vessel are integrated together by the means of line-of-sight radio links that allow all of functions of the Odyssey to be commanded remotely from the bridge of the Sea Launch Commander during the final countdown.

The Home Port Segment provides a stable base of logistical support for the two Sea Launch vessels as well as a state of the art Payload Processing Facility.  Home Port consists of this payload processing facility, office buildings, customer offices, several warehouses, and a pier. Other elements include control rooms, fueling equipment, ground support equipment, and tracking and communication assets.

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