Launch System

Marine Segment

Communications and Telemetry

The external communications network provides worldwide connectivity in support of Sea Launch operations, including links between the Sea Launch Commander and the Launch Platform Odyssey.  Sea Launch uses a private communications network consisting of terrestrial and satellite links for data, telemetry, Internet and telephone access to anywhere in the world. The ACS and LP are connected by satellite to an Eastern Washington ground station with terrestrial connectivity to Sea Launch Home Port, Long Beach, California; Boeing Kent, Washington; Moscow, Russia; Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine; NASA White Sands, New Mexico, and NASA Goddard, Maryland.  From the ground station in Eastern Washington, specific communications are also organized for spacecraft manufacturers and customers back to their home locations.

Sea Launch uses line of sight telemetry tracking links between the launch vehicle and the ACS at lift off and then switches to the NASA Telemetry and Data Relay Support Systems (TDRSS) at fairing jettison for the remainder of flight - stage separations up to an including spacecraft separation into orbit. Using our communications network, Sea Launch provides real time flight data to Boeing, RSC Energia and Yuzhnoye engineering support teams.
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