Launch System

Rocket Segment


The performance capability of the Sea Launch Zenit-3SL launch vehicle is among the best in the industry. The Zenit-3SL is capable of placing spacecraft with a mass of 6,160 kilograms into a GTO orbit of 220 kilometers x 35,786 kilometers with a zero-degree inclination.

The Sea Launch mission design allows our customers to take full advantage of the heavy-lift capability of the Zenit-3SL. Sea Launch optimizes the GTO injection conditions to best suit the needs of the indiviudal spacecraft.  Sea Launch mission analysts assist satellite operators and spacecraft manufacturers with trade studies to further optimize performance and lifetime parameters.

Sea Launch is evolving the performance of the Zenit-3SL vehicle to meet changing customer requirements.  Sea Launch has identified options that could increase the present 6,160 kilogram performance level to a minimum of 6,400 kilograms of performance. The recommended path being pursued is a low risk option to achieve lift capability of 6,400 kilograms to a standard reference GTO orbit (200 kilometers perigee by 35,786 kilometer apogee, zero degree inclination) by 2015.  The basic tenet of the performance evolution approach is to limit to scope low-risk evolutionary changes that optimize the existing configuration.

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