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Sea Launch on Track for April 2014 Launch

BERN, Switzerland, January 7, 2014 – Sea Launch AG, through Energia Logistics Ltd., has conducted a Hardware Acceptance Review of the Zenit-2S launch vehicle to be utilized in support of the EUTELSAT 3B mission.  A team of specialists from the Chief System Engineer’s Office at Energia Logistics Ltd., together with specialists from RSC Energia, reviewed all of the acceptance data for the Zenit-2S #SL 37 vehicle and found that all required acceptance test values were within specification.
The Ocean Force sea-based transport vessel carrying the Zenit-2S launch vehicle designated for EUTELSAT 3B departed the port at Oktyabrsky, Ukraine on December 23rd , 2013 and is scheduled to arrive pier-side at Sea Launch’s Home Port facility in Long Beach, California on February 16th, 2014.  The mission’s Block DM-SL upper stages and an undesignated mission’s upper stage provided by RSC Energia will also be included in the shipment to Home Port.  The Payload Accommodations, provided by Boeing Commercial Space Company, is scheduled to arrive on February 12th. The EUTELSAT 3B satellite is planned for launch in April 2014.

Built by Astrium, and based on the Eurostar E3000 platform, EUTELSAT 3B will have a launch mass of approximately 5,967 kilograms (13,155 lbs.) and electrical power of 12 kW. It is expected to arrive at the Sea Launch facility in mid-February in preparation for the start of standalone and combined spacecraft operations.